Add these L.A. Black day parties to your summer plans

Co-founder Monique “Mo” Salmon had been sitting at the Friend in Silver Lake when she envisioned a dance party featuring an all-Black woman DJ lineup. “I noticed that many of my incredibly talented DJ friends, who happen to be women, weren’t getting the recognition and opportunities they should be getting,” she said. With the help of her business partner and wife, Soraya Salmon, and their friend circle of DJs and creatives, the day party B4 THE INTERNET went from daydream to reality, attracting 100 to 150 people bimonthly in the same bar in which it was born.

Now five parties in, B4 THE INTERNET has gained a reputation for delivering on its promise of nostalgic feels and uplifting Black queer women, DJs and partygoers alike. “Representation matters, and we’re representing everything that is Black, everything that is queer, and everything that is Black woman,” said Mo Salmon, adding that allies are welcome too, “with open arms.” Tickets cost $5 to $12.

As the name suggests, B4 THE INTERNET focuses on re-creating a nostalgic spirit and essence that echoes the dance parties of “simpler times.” “We want people to come together, dance and enjoy life as they did before the Internet and social media became dominant forces in our lives,” she explained. While cellphone use is not banned (yet!), attendees are encouraged to share their experiences and memories of predigital life for an ongoing interview series Soraya Salmon posts on social media.

Reaping the benefits of being held at a cocktail bar, B4 THE INTERNET offers an assortment of handcrafted classic and specialty drinks at $10 to $15. Food truck partnerships — most recently with the Patty Wagon L.A., purveyors of $5 NYC-style Jamaican beef patties — keep dancers fueled to dance the day away.

“In a city like Los Angeles, events can often feel more like business ventures than genuine enjoyment,” said Mo Salmon. “We aim to bring back the original feeling of living freely, feeling good and doing the things you love without compromising who you are.”

The next B4 THE INTERNET party is scheduled for August at the Friend, 2611 Hyperion Ave. in Los Feliz, with date and time to be determined. Check Instagram for future event details.

Four women clink glasses in a toast at a white marble table

Guests toast with mimosas at Smooth Sundays, a brunch party for the so-called “grown and sexy” crowd.

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