World Series champion Rangers earn $506K+ share from record pool

NEW YORK — A full postseason share for the World Series champion Texas Rangers totaled $506,263, just down from the record set when the Houston Astros won in 2022, but the total pool increased to the most in Major League Baseball history.

The pool of $107.8 million topped last year’s $107.5 million in the first season of expanded playoffs but the share was down from Houston’s $516,347.

Texas split $38.8 million into 64 full shares, 12.56 partial shares and $48,000 in cash awards, the commissioner’s office said Tuesday. The Astros last year divided their pool into 59 full shares, 14.14 partial shares and $940,000 in cash awards.

A full share for NL champion Arizona came to $313,634, up from $296,255 for Philadelphia last year. The Diamondbacks divided $25.9 million into 71 full shares and 11.49 partial shares.

Full shares for other playoff teams this year were:

– $173,187 for Houston

– $171,184 for Philadelphia

– $43,942 for Baltimore

– $43,801 for Atlanta

– $42,859 for for Minnesota

– $36,929 for the Los Angeles Dodgers

– $10,154 for Miami

– $9,592 for Toronto

– $8,728 for Tampa Bay

– $8,336 for Milwaukee

The pool includes 60% from the first first two games of each wild-card series, the first three games of each Division Series and the first four games of each League Championship Series and the World Series.

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