Tennessee AG says NCAA defending ‘world that doesn’t exist’

In reply to the NCAA claiming college sports would be thrown into “disarray” if rules banning name, image and likeness compensation being used as recruiting inducements were lifted by court order, Tennessee Attorney General Jonathan Skrmetti said in a Sunday filing the association is defending “a world that doesn’t exist.”

The attorneys general of Tennessee and Virginia are seeking a temporary restraining order and preliminary injunction as part of their federal lawsuit arguing the group’s NIL rules violate antitrust law.

The NCAA asked a judge to deny both motions in its 25-page response filed Saturday with the U.S. District Court of the Eastern District of Tennessee. A judge on Feb. 13 will hear a request by the attorneys general of Tennessee and Virginia for a preliminary injunction.

“The NCAA waits until page 16 — two-thirds of the way into its brief — before it defends the NIL-recruiting ban on the merits. And even then, the NCAA defends a world that doesn’t exist,” Sunday’s reply said. “It says it must ‘prohibi

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