Breast cancer drug could have potentially serious side effect, new research reveals

A new study from the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center has revealed a major side effect of the oral medication alpelisib that is prescribed to breast cancer patients. The research, published by Wiley in the peer-reviewed American Cancer Society journal CANCER, found that the drug has caused elevated blood sugar rates, or hyperglycemia, in some … Read more

Obesity, diabetes drug ad spending hit nearly $500 million: report

A view of a plastic model of a stomach during an interview with Doctor Thomas Horbach, specialist in surgery, visceral surgery and nutritional medicine on Novo Nordisk, which will start selling its hugely popular obesity drug Wegovy in Germany later this month, in Munich, Germany, July 17, 2023. Christine Uyanik | Reuters Drugmakers spent nearly … Read more

Teenage brain cancer patient misses homecoming, so the hospital throws a surprise dance for her

When a 17-year-old brain cancer patient was disappointed about having to miss her senior homecoming, her caregivers decided to bring the dance to her. Megan Krafty, who lives in Huron, Ohio, was diagnosed with a brain tumor in May after suffering seizures.  Once she had surgery to remove part of the tumor, Krafty arrived at … Read more

Apps show where people do it

Ever pack workout clothes for a vacation — only to unpack them, unworn, upon returning home? Perhaps the destination matters. Data from exercise apps, which track users’ physical locations and search history, show travelers tend to be more active in some locations more than others. Fitness app Strava shows travelers tend to exercise when they … Read more

Ask a doc: ‘What should I know before getting a breast lift?’

A growing number of women are opting to reverse gravity by getting a surgical breast-lift procedure. The prevalence of breast lifts has risen 70% since 2000 — twice the growth of breast implant surgery, according to new statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. “A breast lift — or ‘mastopexy’ — is a procedure … Read more

Progress for paralyzed patients: First implanted device is placed to restore arm, hand and finger movement

AI paralyzed man walking Gert-Jan Oskam, paralyzed for 12 years, is able to walk again thanks to the brain-spine “digital bridge” interface developed at France’s Atomic Energy Commission (CEA). SOURCE: EPFL / CHUV via Reuters For the first time ever, a human has successfully received an implanted device to enable movement of the arms, hands … Read more

Siblings reunite after cancer battle, COVID concerns rise, and experts share brain-boosting tips

Beckett Fowler reunited with his three siblings after spending six months in the hospital for cancer chemotherapy.  (SWNS) EMOTIONAL REUNION – Siblings see their brother for the first time after his 6-month hospital stay amid his cancer battle. Continue reading… CHECKED OUT – A new report points to a lack of engagement and burnout among nurses. Continue … Read more